Personalized Dental Insurance Billing Services

We are your partners in efficient revenue cycle management customized for your dental practice. Our end-to-end dental billing services handle everything from claim submissions to payment posting and denial appeals.

Are Complex Dental Billing Processes Eroding Your Profits and Consuming Your Time?

Delivering exceptional patient care and ensuring smooth office operations is your prime responsibility. However, the intricate and tedious task of dental insurance billing often diverts your focus and can even impact your bottom line.

Why Let Administrative Hassles Affect Your Practice and Patient Relationships?

Navigating paperwork, coding, claim submissions, and compliance can lead to stress, revenue loss, and even jeopardize your relationships with patients. Your role should not be overshadowed by such administrative burdens.

Unlock Hassle-Free Dental Billing with White Horse Dental Billing: Focus on Smiles, We'll Handle the Rest

Turn to White Horse Dental Billing. We manage your dental insurance billing, boosting reimbursements and cash flow, reducing denials, and providing clear reports. Leave the paperwork to us and focus on providing excellent care and maintaining a harmonious office.

Our Insurance Billing Service Helps to Improve Receivables, Resulting in Greater Net Income

We accomplish this by:

  • Effectively managing all denied claims: We work quickly to investigate the cause of the denial and appeal the claim if possible
  • Preventing claim denial: We review claims for clerical errors and gather missing information before submitting the claim to reduce the chance of denial
  • Posting insurance checks and electronic funds transmissions Daily: Contract adjustments and payments are posted to the patient ledgers
  • Submitting claims and attachments electronically: We can help you transition from a paper claims system to an electronic claims system
  • Monitoring aging reports: We track insurance aging and patient aging and work diligently to keep your A/R in check

Ready to streamline your dental billing and boost your revenue?

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We Simplify the Cost of Insurance Billing

The cost of our service is based on the volume of collections per month. Our fee structure provides clarity and avoids the confusion that can arise when fees are based on the value of the claims or whether the payments are posted to patients’ accounts.


All primary and secondary insurance claims are submitted electronically each day, including electronic attachments. Each claim is reviewed before it is sent to the insurance company to minimize denials. When a claim is wrongfully denied, we will investigate and appeal the denial.

We also maintain efficiency by providing timely notification of patient procedures that did not have insurance claims associated with them.

Structured Process

We provide a structured process for monitoring insurance claim aging reports and tracking how many past-due claims were appealed, the amount collected, and the accounts receivable balances between 30, 60, and 90 days past due. 


All insurance payments and adjustments are accurately posted to the patients’ ledgers within 24 hours from when the EOB becomes available. We also work to maintain accuracy by contacting patients for missing or incorrect information. We continually keep the patient’s file accurate and up to date.

Keeping You Informed

Summary reports are sent daily, keeping the office apprised of what was completed for the practice that day, and also provide feedback for improved collections systems when needed.

Dental Insurance Billing at Affordable Rates

The cost of our service is based on the volume of collections per month. Our fee structure provides clarity and avoids the confusion that can arise when fees are based on the value of the claims or whether the payments are posted to patients’ accounts. Service includes claim prep, claim submission, posting insurance payments, insurance aging account management.

Insurance Collections per Location per Month
Fees per Location per Month
Get Started
Up to $100,000.00
4.4% of collections with a minimum monthly fee of $1,250
$100,000.01 to $300,000.00
$4,400 plus 3.9% of collections over $100,000
$300,000.01 or more
Customized pricing per written agreement or, in the absence of such an agreement, 3.9% of collections

*The fees Client pays will depend on the volume of Client’s insurance collections as set forth in the table above.

Client Testimonials

Smiles All Around: Real Feedback from Clients Who Trust Our Dental Billing Expertise!


"I highly recommend working with Whitehorse for all insurance needs. The customer service is amazing. With their dedicated help, our clients can streamline their practice and focus on patient care completely. What sets Whitehorse apart is their unique boutique approach, looking at the needs of each individual practice to get maximum results."

Christina Blatchford

"Takes great care in making sure offices are getting results needed to keep a healthy insurance revenue cycle, and tailors service to fit each offices needs."

Darrick Betro

Vyne Dental