Struggling with dental insurance billing? Wish you could devote more time to your patients instead of managing accounts receivable headaches?

Let White Horse Dental Billing help you focus on what truly matters—your patients

You deserve a better way to manage your dental practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM)

Our team, process and expertise ensures:


Accelerated Claim Payments:

Faster claim payments leading to a 100% success rate in increasing monthly collections.


Time Efficiency:

Save your admin team an average of 25 hours per week. Allowing them to focus on patient care.


Comprehensive A/R Management:

Unlike others, we don’t just target the over 90-day insurance aging. Our goal is to collaboratively bring outstanding claims over 30 days to 10% or less.


Dual Manager Team:

Benefit from the expertise of a dedicated dual manager team, ensuring robust support for your billing needs.


Daily Communication:

Stay informed with regular updates through our commitment to daily communication.


Transparency & Security:

Experience transparency in our processes and safeguard your practice from embezzlement risks.

Streamline Your Operations and Improve Patient Care with Our Dental Billing Expertise

Boost Revenue and Enhance Efficiency

Quickly improve your practice’s financial health and streamline operations with our expert billing management. Enjoy faster, error-free claim processing that directly increases revenue, with the added peace of mind of secure, compliant billing processes.

Refocus on Patient Care

Liberate your team from cumbersome paperwork and billing tasks. Our seamless integration with your current systems lets your staff concentrate on enhancing patient interactions and boosting treatment plan sales, improving both patient satisfaction and care outcomes.

Personalized Expert Support

Receive tailored support from our dental billing experts, who function as an extension of your own team. Dedicated to addressing your practice’s specific needs, our experts ensure a smooth, transparent transition and ongoing management that aligns with your operational goals.
Client Testimonials

Smiles All Around: Real Feedback from Clients Who Trust Our Dental Billing Expertise!


"I highly recommend working with Whitehorse for all insurance needs. The customer service is amazing. With their dedicated help, our clients can streamline their practice and focus on patient care completely. What sets Whitehorse apart is their unique boutique approach, looking at the needs of each individual practice to get maximum results."

Christina Blatchford

"Takes great care in making sure offices are getting results needed to keep a healthy insurance revenue cycle, and tailors service to fit each offices needs."

Darrick Betro

Vyne Dental

Managing Your Dental Billing Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain.

Our team will work hard to get your claims processed as quickly as possible so you can start getting paid faster than ever before. With our expertise and experience, we know how to handle any situation an insurance company throws at us. We are experts at removing all the headaches and frustrations that come with working with insurance companies and dental billing. You can stop jumping through hoops; we’ll do it for you!