Explore our range of essential dental billing services designed to enhance your practice’s profitability and operational efficiency. Our skilled team and advanced systems manage your insurance billing, patient billing, and insurance verification tasks, allowing you to dedicate your energy to patient care. Discover how our services not only save you time but also increase your revenue, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment in your practice’s future.

Our Pricing Philosophy

At White Horse Dental Billing, we believe in transparent and straightforward pricing tailored to the unique needs and scale of your practice. While we offer standard pricing models based on service volume and type, we understand that one size does not fit all. We’re committed to working with you to adjust these parameters to best suit your practice’s specific requirements.

Invest in Your Practice’s Success

Choose us and invest in your practice’s future. We have a 100% success rate in increasing our clients’ revenue—some have noticed a monthly increase of up to 30% in insurance collections, along with improvements in patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our services are not just expenses but investments in your long-term success.

Our Pricing Structure

  • Insurance Billing Service: Based on the volume of insurance collections per month.

Supporting Services:

  • Patient Billing Service: Based on the overall volume of collections per month.
  • Insurance Verifications: Charged per verification with customized pricing based on volume.

Flexible and Customizable Pricing

Despite these standard frameworks, we offer flexibility to adapt our pricing based on your practice’s size, billing complexity, and specific challenges. During our consultation, we will outline how our pricing applies to your situation, ensuring there are no surprises and that our services align perfectly with your financial and operational goals.

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